Alice Hart to be published in France!

Last week, on the day before my birthday, I got a phone call which was probably the best Birthday Eve gift I’ll ever get in my life. Today, it’s official.

The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart will be published in France, 2018, by Fayard.

150 years after its creation in 1857, Paris-based publisher Fayard is run by CEO Sophie de Closets, and publishes French and foreign literature. Earlier this year they announced their acquisition of French publishing rights for a little memoir by, oh, the Obamas.

I can’t stop shaking.

I went to Paris for the first time In 2009, with my oldest friend by my side. Through many dark years I’d dreamed of seeing this sight with my own eyes. In my memory of this photo being taken, the air smelled like white flowers, like my childhood when Granny and I spent hours together in her tropical Queensland ‘fairy garden’. We always gathered around the creamiest, most- fragrant flowers. “Smell these French Gardenia, Holly Darling,” Granny would say to me. I inhaled their perfume and always looked at her incredulously. “That’s Paris,” she’d whisper. Granny hasn’t ever been to Paris. When I arrived in the UK I went for the both of us at the first chance I got. Today, knowing Alice will be published in French, by Fayard, in a city that struck me on my one and only visit (so far) as the place where they keep all the light, is a gift, an honour, and is beyond anything my fainting goat brain can grasp.

This is what it is because I can share it; thank you as always for being in the arena with me.

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