Alice’s first flight

What sights to wake up to, from my Australian team: first glimpses of my novel in book form. As in, a real book. That people can, like, hold. With their hands. That has paper pages. Printed with sentences I made up, in permanent ink. That can be flicked through. And sniffed. Really a book. That’s being sent around Australia and New Zealand to booksellers. Wrapped in gum blossom paper.

I need a lie down.



Going to sleep in England and waking to catch up on what’s happened in Australia while I was sleeping is some kind of time-bending, night-and-day magic. I consequently am like one of those fainting goats that passes out when it startles. Who needs coffee?! God help me, God help the Postie, God help us all when my own copy arrives in the mail.

Let’s stand for art and our dreams today, wildflowers, with everything our little goat hearts have.

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