TLFOAH to be published in Catalonia!

Alegria i agraïment! I’m proud to pieces: The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart will be published in Catalonia (!!) by Edicions 62 in 2018. Joy and gratitude!

I have no more skin left to pinch.

Caterina Albert i Paradís (1869 — 1966), better known by her penname Víctor Català, was a Catalan writer who took part in the Modernism movement. Her signature work is ‘Solitud’, a novel published in 1905, renowned for its beauty and rich with folklore in its telling of the story of Mila, a young and naive woman who’s life is shattered when she is raped by the friend of her husband.

‘Solitud’ is largely out of print, but I found a secondhand copy online. 

‘To write, as Caterina Albert i Paradis did, of the frustrations and desires of a young, uneducated, poor, woman, to show her interior world encroached upon and eventually shattered by the world of men and of nature, was a radical act. And to do so in Catalan in 1905 even more so.’ – Jonathan, GoodReads

Dutch cover of ‘Soltiud’.
Caterina Albert i Paradís

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