Remembrance Day, note to self

More Love by Tracey Emin

1. Get up. Be grateful, be brave, and be kind. Do your work.

2. Do not give up. Humans with hearts the same as yours have fought and died for you to live the life you’re living. Never give up.

3. Your art is your voice. Use it.

4. Listen deeply when others are telling their stories. Speak clearly when you tell your own. Stories create empathy. Empathy creates connection. Connection is desperately important now.

5. Choose your words with care. The News doesn’t get to elicit hatred or hysteria from you. There is enough of that; everyone knows what that looks like. Do not feed the fear.

6. Choose humanity. Reach out. Work out what’s really going on. “Beneath the shouting, there’s suffering. Beneath the anger, fear. Beneath the threats, broken hearts. Start there and we might get somewhere.” – Parker Palmer.

7. Question the nature of your time and engagement spent on social media more than ever: does it serve all of the above?

8. Read. Read now like you did as a kid. Devour words. This is the best time for a new book haul. Justification? All of the above.

9. While you mourn, remember: hope is a kind of defiance. “Fuck you, we’re going to have hope.” – Gloria Steinem. Hope. Hope. Hope.

10. Do not allow your sense of wonder or sense of humour to starve. Feed them. Share them.

11. Never forget the power of small gestures. There is no act of hope and kindess, no matter how tiny, that is ever wasted.

More Love by Tracey Emin
More Love by Tracey Emin

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