The home stretch

I’m on the last bend of the journey before my novel goes out to publishers. The home stretch has looked something like this:

17 September, 2016
Editing. There aren’t enough fucks to say in the world. But then, that moment when you’re up to your eyeballs in the grit of it and realise you’re also swathed in rainbow. Gratitude is a superpower.


23 September, 2016.
Life lately.

Life lately. This. This. More of this. Nearly there. On the home stretch now for manuscript submission to publishers. Onward! (Shortly after this was taken the postie knocked at my door. When I answered he took a polite step backwards and said, "whoa pal, you look how I feel." Thanks for keeping it real Royal Mail 📮.) ✨ 📚 ✨ #writerslife #writersofinstagram #writingcommunity #writersofig #amwriting #editingisfun #saidnooneever #writergram #author #bookstagram #stories #thecentreisred #booksdontwritethemselves #booknerdigans #amreading #reading #alldayinmypjs #secretgarden #magic #magical #workhard #flowerstagram #flowerchild #growwild #gratitude #grateful #adayinthelife #plant_problem #jungalow #writelikeamotherfucker ✨ Thanks @natashalesterauthor for the inspiration ❤️

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28 September, 2016.
I’m done.

My agents have read my manuscript and fed back their edits to me, which I’ve mulled over, workshopped, daydreamed to life and redrafted through my manuscript. On Sunday night I sent my novel back to them for final finishings. Now begins the countdown for submission to publishers.

I thought I might wake up Monday morning and explode like a freed confetti bomb into the world. Instead, for the last two days I’ve slept. And slept. Slow cooked autumnal stew for the man I love. Brushed my hair. Had midday salt baths. Burned clary sage and bergamot essential oils in my diffuser. Stayed away from my desk. Fed my pot plants. Read for pleasure. Made an appointment for my first full body shiatsu treatment. Stared out the window at the sky and our silver birch trees in the rain. Booked a ticket to Amsterdam. Called my beautiful mum.

Yesterday I collected this stack from where it’s been slowly and steadily scattered around our house for the last two years. 2000+ pages of multiple draft printouts, including a bound copy, and one of my four handwritten notebooks I used in the process of bringing this book into being. I don’t quite know what to do with them, so I’ve put them on this stool, with some of my favourite tools I used while writing and editing. Until I decide how best to honour them, this is where they’ll stay for now.


I’d like to take this chance to say thank you. A deep thank you. To you, for coming along on this ride with me. I am so grateful.

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