Where troubles melt like lemon drops

© Mark Welker

Just a little over 10 sleeps (and half the world) to go before my taxi crunches up the driveway of Varuna the Writers’ House where a dream I’ve been dreaming since I was 18 comes true, and where I begin The Rewrite. This sign, sent to me recently by a beautiful friend and Varuna alumna, sits in the front garden. My eyeballs ache to see it firsthand. Along with the lemon drop yellow facade of Varuna House itself.


Varuna emailed me this morning with a ‘friendly reminder’ about my upcoming writing residency. I snorted. Imagine being that cool, that such a reminder was necessary. I was tempted to write back and say, thank you so much, but I’ve been literally crossing the days off my calendar since February.

This magical 4 minute short was made by writer and videographer Mark Welker after his weeklong stay at Varuna a few years ago. Watching it, I felt all my feelings and got face goosebumps before being thwacked by joy fatigue. My chin may also have been wobblier than jelly.

Ahem. Back to life and deadline at hand, as I eyeball my cross-riddled calendar on my desk.

However you’re spending it, I hope today you find places inside where the light can get in.


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