Stubborn gladness: September

“We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness in the ruthless furnace of this world.” – Jack Gilbert.

Five little things I’ve found to live and love lately, in stubborn gladness:

An early rise to write the next 1600 words of the first draft of my novel before packing a flask of iced coffee, with sunnies on, playlist made, and feet bare as we hit the road. We chased the last trails of summer light south into the countryside.


Oh for the sweet, sweet love of secondhand stories.


Crazy beautiful sunshine on the first day of autumn and a cobblestone avenue with a canopy of lamp lights and leaves. I took my sandals off and strolled up and down Birdcage Walk. On either side were a higgledy piggledy maze of old gravestones amongst wildflowers. The green air and sweet, warm breeze sent me into an incoherent, heady fizz = insert something philosophical and lyrical here about the profundity of feeling all our feelings and following the light of our dreams.


Yeah, let’s!


The typography. The red! A ‘new’ vintage dress high that reached such heights, I wore the dress straight out of the op shop I found it in. The pint of lager in the pub across the road with squabbling seagulls and golden views overlooking the river. The sun coming back after a brief chuck down. The Rolling Stones singalong in the street that was happening as this was taken. Living the little things to get my ‘rocks off’.


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