Weekend wanders

Is that a bunny in my pocket, or am I just giddy from a forecast-shattering, unexpectedly summery August Saturday in northern England?!

Additional top 10 favourite things about today:

1. Getting one of those emails from one of those friends you love and admire so much you could bite their ear lobes.

2. Writing 2,000 words before 9am, and coincidentally unearthing pieces of my story puzzle I didn’t even know I was looking for. Plus the consequential geek high in my pjs that followed.


3. Reading a sociology book about coincidence.

4. Still feeling tenderness and awe in my muscles from my 15k run yesterday, a feat I haven’t managed for at least fifteen years.

5. This morning’s almond milk latte – you know how, when the coffee to milk ratio is just right, it’s so perfect you could be driven to write a sonnet to it?!

6. The discovery of the nose-tingling ecstasy that is a eucalyptus and vanilla bean blend in my oil burner.

7. Today warming up so much I wore a bunny-in-a-pocket midriff top, another feat I haven’t dared in at least fifteen years.


8. Drinking frosty cold Spanish beer in the sun with my fella.


9. Finding a vintage edition of Thoreau in an op shop.

10. Going on an afternoon wander to forage in one of my favourite local gardens and seeing two new wildflowers bloom I’ve never seen before.


Sometimes stepping away from my desk to breathe in the world around me and notice its charm is just the ticket I need to get back into my story world, renewed.

Happy Saturday, treasures. Hope yours is crammed full of little things to marvel over.

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