holly goes lightly newsletter: commemorate what you love

“Why I began writing, and why I continued, comes down to two things. The first is a desperate need to be someone other than myself, and a delight in being someone else, somewhere else. That accounts for the novels. The other thing that made me start, and go on, was an urge to save what I cared for, to commemorate what I loved.”

– Elizabeth Knox

This month my newsletter inspiration comes from New Zealand writer, Elizabeth Knox, who I had the recent pleasure of chairing an event with at the recent Australia New Zealand Festival of Literature and the Arts in London. Running with this theme, the latest Holly Goes Lightly centres around the things we do to remember what and who we love and have loved.


I put this newsletter together listening to Pearl and the Beard’s Killing the Darlings. I’ve been mostly barefoot as I’ve stomped along to the Brooklyn trio’s hearty folk-pop full of delicate vocals and a powerful orchestra of cello, guitars, keyboard, bells, and percussion, offering songs that speak to joy and sorrow, love and loss. Perfect for a new season, and sipping strong, black citrus-scented coffee in my new hand-pottered teacup from Erice, Sicily. Here’s to you, me, and imagination fevers.

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