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I am thrilled to have my fiction, Kahuku, included in this lush and beautiful publication, due out August 2015 for distribution at the Melbourne Writers Festival. It is by far one of the most sensory publications I’ve ever had the delight of being included in – the call out for submissions alone set my mind into pinwheeling rapture:

“The Chinese Love Letter, or kuih kapit, is a delicious coconut wafer biscuit eaten traditionally during Chinese New Year. It’s a way of celebrating beginnings, the giving and generating of love—kuih, in Malay, meaning bite‐sized sweet, and kapit, meaning to compress.

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Love Letters typically need lots of patience, love, and time. But some Love Letters arise out of impulsive certainty and sudden cravings. Some Love Letters are too tempting to resist. Crafting the perfect Love Letter requires the perfect heat. Then, Love Letters can be rolled or folded. The disastrously failed ones, the broken and torn pieces, can be devoured fast. Love Letters are packed in tins that hold 100 folded pieces—no more and no less.

PRESS: 100 LOVE LETTERS is a book inspired by the kuih kapit. It is a collection of 100 Love Letters in all their forms: postcards, tiny essays, poetry, letters, flash fictions, or drawings from women to women across the Asia-­Pacific region. The collection will celebrate our presence, connect to each other as gossamer threads, recognize the familiar across the seas of our regions.

© Tian Yake
© Tian Yake

This book is envisioned to be a love letter about who why are, why we matter, how and what and why we’re flavored the way we are. Whether you’re a woman who loves another woman, a woman with a trans lover, or someone who has loved in a manner too delicious for any language’s pronouns. Hopefully, readers might give our letters to lovers of their own.

PRESS: 100 LOVE LETTERS will be published on rice paper, inspired by the kuih kupit mould and pressed coconut rice wrappers. The book will have handcrafted lettering to reflect the texture and balance of tastes embodied in the collection. It is edited by writers Francesca Rendle-Short and Laurel Fantauzzo, and released by KALA Publishing house in Kuala Lumpur under the direction of translator and poet Eddin Khoo.

With PRESS: 100 Love Letters, readers are invited to feel the delicacy, temptation, and richness of our love in all its range. PRESS: 100 LOVE LETTERS will be a feast, a celebration.”

I am so looking forward to holding this tasty morsel in my hands.

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