Looking West out now!

It’s real! It exists!
And my goodness, Griffith REVIEW 47: Looking West is a chocker-block beauty.



A few days after my contributor copies arrived, we pootled up to Brisbane to visit the Griffith REVIEW offices and meet the team. I figured an early morning drive through the country up to the big smoke on business for my first paid writing publication called for some tropical Queensland bling.


When I saw the piles of Looking West – fresh from the publishers, full of new book smell – and I opened one to see my name in print on the inside cover amongst the glorious company of other Australian authors, my chin reached a new level of on its wobble record. Apparently, I also hold the unofficial record for highest number of copies purchased by a contributor in GR’s publication history – a hilarious badge of honour I can maybe do nothing but embrace and wear with pride. This is my first major, paid publication. I have a big family.


The highlight was being bought a cup of tea (read: scooner of Fat Yak beer!) by the wonderful editor I worked with on Might Be Rainbows, who gave his time, kindness, attention and expertise so generously to my writing. After we left the we took it upon ourselves to redress GR’s What’s On notice outside with a Looking West poster; I wish I could say it was intuitive but I can’t pretend my colour coordination was anything but a total fluke.

A few days ago, the issue went live online, and is now available in good bookshops everywhere.


And then, this happened. I spotted Griffith Review 47: LookingWest, top shelf in Readings, St Kilda.
It was the first time I’ve ever wandered into a bookstore and seen my name in print.
Insert expletives of choice here.


Thank you, friends, for your support, excitement, inspiration, and cheer in sharing this milestone with me.

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