I’ve gone a travellin’…

I’m heading south for the winter to follow the sun home.

Tonight we begin our 50+ hour journey to New Zealand, a place I’ve longed to experience for years and will visit for my first time to tell and learn stories at the 19th Australasian Association of Writing Programs’ annual conference in Wellington.

I haven’t yet packed a scrap. But I’m down to being only days away from the ocean I grew up beside, and touching my beloveds. Plus an Aussie summer. And writing goodness. I’m too excited to focus. Sooooo, packing shmacking.

Of course, I wouldn’t leave you behind. There’s always room for you in my pocket. If you fancy coming along with me, I’ll be collecting moments as I go on Instagram.


For now, my suitcase lies open, begging me to do something about its emptiness before the hours dwindle and I find myself in our airport taxi, nose pressed to the frosty window as my northern world fades and Oceania beckons.

Here we go.




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