November 9, 1989

Three years ago, I fell in love with Berlin. It’s an incredible city to experience for many reasons – one of the most powerful being the site of the Berlin Wall.

Naturally, I’ve been thinking about it a lot this week as the 25th anniversary of the Wall coming down has been commemorated around the world. To mark the occasion Google created what they call a ‘video doodle’, which, despite subtle branding, is worth sharing for the footage alone:

At the time I was 9, an Australian kid on a road trip with her parents, a million universes away from Germany and its history. I remember being transfixed by images on TV news of people atop the Wall, clinging to each other in feverish emotion I couldn’t understand.

Decades and universes later, the experience of running my fingertips along the concrete that remains will always stay with me.


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